Electronics Design for Biomedical Instrumentation

Prof. Carlo Fiorini


Course program

Course material

Lecture 1 Course introduction

Lecture 2 Biopotentials, electrodes

Lecture 3 Principle of electrocardiography

Lecture 4 Instrumentation amplifiers Application Note AN-244 Analog Devices Instrumentation amplifier without OPA INA tutorial: slides INA tutorial: notes INA tutorial: shielding and PCB layout

Lecture 5 - Limitations in ECG amplifiers

Lecture 6 - The Pacemaker: a basic introduction Pacemaker - text

Lecture 7 - The Pacemaker: electrodes, battery

Lecture 8 - The Pacemaker: pulses generator

Lecture 9 - The Pacemaker: sense amplifiers

Additional papers on Sense amplifiers and charge pumps Zadeh Silveira Novo

Lecture 10 - Programming and telemetry

Other optional papers on the Pacemaker: 1st article 2nd article 3rd article 4th article 5th article

Lecture 11 Cochlear implants 1st article 2nd article

Lecture 12 - Electronics for artificial vision MARC_system_paper MARC - Slides Class E amplifier - paper seminario MARC

Lecture 13 - Medical Imaging - Fundamentals

Lecture 14 - X and gamma rays. Interaction with matter

Lecture 15 Fundamentals on X and gamma ray detectors

Lecture 16 Semiconductor detectors, scintillators and photodetectors PMT

Lecture 17 The Anger camera Lecture on Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs).pdf Seminar on gamma detection Lecture on machine learning

Lecture 18 Detectors for Digital Radiography Kotter & Langer Kasap & Rowlands 1 Kasap & Rowlands 2 Kim Review 2008 Yaffe Rowlands 1997 CCD

Lecture 19 Electronics for detectors - ENC Calculation of filter coefficients in the time domain

Lecture 20 The preamplifier, the shaping amplifier

Lecture 21 - The baseline holder

Lecture 22 - The peak stretcher

Lecture 23 Timing techniques


Presentation of available Master Theses

dates examinations June-July 2018

The table with the dates is available in a panel in the hall at the entrance of Via Golgi 40. The students, once made the choice

of the date, have to sign their name in the table. Please, remember to register formally to the examination in Polyself.